If you’re lonely, bored, or unhappy, remember you are mad young. There is so much time to meet new people and go to new places.

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Guitar World | Jason Goodrich

This shots of dan are fuck prefect!! god this is just make so happy, never ever funny!! :)


TBK’s Turn Blue European Festival Juggernaut

As TBK’s summer festival tour ends its run we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on the past five weeks…

Some highlights:
• Dan’s smooth transition to his pedal steel on Gotta Get Away. We held our breath each time “will he make it? will he make it?” He only missed it at Glastonbury (of the footage we saw). Just wasn’t feelin’ it maybe…
• the deeply groovy new intro to She’s Long Gone. And whatever trippy-ness they’ve got going on in
Its Up to You Now. They need to keep things fresh and interesting for themselves; it’s cool to watch that emerge
Pat at Glastonbury
syggy at Glastonbury
all the li’l ones sitting side-stage at Rock in Roma. The joy in Sadie’s face is just… *can’t finish sentence*
this interview
and this one
• and whatever this was
• that time Dan and Richard did a DJ set at Soulcats in Berlin and Dan met Adrian Younge
• the crowd’s energy and enthusiasm at Open’er festival and how moved they were by it.
• John Wood being renamed *Juan Palo*
• The excellent new
stage set/props/lights. Hmmm, looks like someone with obsessive collecting tendencies was involved…
Richard Swift’s brilliant tour photos - just tossed over the wall cause he’s sweet like that
• Dan’s superb sense of personal style: velvet blazer, neckerchief, snap-button leather jacket, polka dot shirt, tie-dye, all of it… Dan don’t care what you think. Some will disagree, but for us Dan’s fashion choices are rock solid; we support them one hundred percent :)

Stand out sets:

Overall what we felt most was how cohesive they’ve become as a foursome. Not to take anything away from previous touring musicians, but chemistry is chemistry and it is undeniable. Watching it manifest is a beautiful thing. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds when they go back on the road in September…


Rock in Roma Davide Mennitto Fine Art Print

Sadie is so cute!! i love it! She look so happy and proud of her dad!! too much for me.



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