The Black Keys: Chart-Topping Blues

photo : Danny Clinch

The Big Come Up Era || 2001-2002

684 plays Turn Blue The Black Keys Turn Blue

In the dead of night, I start to lose control,
But I still carry the weight like I’ve always done before.
It gets so heavy at times, but what more can I do?
I gotta stay on track just like pops told me to.

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Photos by Ben Corrigan 


Vieilles Charrues | tasteofindie.com

Yay look what come in mail toady!! Thanks mom! Love you also she put all my black keys and all 7’ records in box too! :)


DQA: in Black and White


NOLA © Ebet Roberts, 2013

Wherein Pat drops hints about the US Tour set list...


From The Akron Beacon Journal 8/23/14:
The European set lists leaned heavily on newer songs, but Carney said fans of ‘Thickfreakness’ and ‘Rubber Factory’ shouldn’t be too worried about not hearing some favorite early Keys songs on the stateside tour.
“We were playing all these cities that we’d…

158 plays Strange Desire/The Flame The Black Keys Live: The Black Keys


Strange Desire/The Flame - The Black Keys

Awesome medley of Strange Desire and The Flame, recorded live in studio for NPR World Cafe (2007).  You can listen to and download their set (also including Your Touch and You’re The One) here.