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Photo credit: Danny Clinch


Louisville KY © Rachel Waters


tbt: Happy 10th Anniversary, Rubber Factory. Thank you for changing our lives…

10am Automatic, Girl Is On My Mind, Stack Shot Billy, When The Lights Go Out, Act Nice and Gentle


So Usually i dont do this but i need to..

okay usually i don’t post thing that super personal to me but i need to let out. So my so call best friend kick me out for his place on wednsday night. And i won’t go to much into but anyway i know my stay with other but anyway for couple days. so now i need to found a place and god its suck. The only thing make me happy and scnse to me are the black keys. god i will be lost without them. so yeah that it.
sorry for super down post but that where my life is at.


…is he doing the lonely boy dance?

God i hope so!!, :)


The Black Keys LIVE!: FULL SHOW / Cleveland / September 6th„ 2014

Thanks for the submission dtrip01:)


Tickets available today for the Australian leg of the Turn Blue World Tour in April 2015.

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#TurnBlue // Photo by Danny Clinch

My new wallpaper is fuck prefect!!