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Dan + Motorcycles: A Love Story

248 plays Everywhere I Go (live) The Black Keys 2009-07-10 - Forecastle Festival - Belvedere, KY


Everywhere I Go | Live at Forecastle 2009



Warner Brothers is giving away a trip to see The Black Keys perform in Philadelphia, PA on September 20th.

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Get on it Philadelphia

Dan Auerbach interviewed on Q104.3


Wherein Dan talks about Sadie choosing her first pair of doc martens (pink patent leather), working with John Prine, and where he got the title for “It’s Up to You Now” 


Gotta Get Away [Official Audio]. Released as single today 8/19/14

Ahhh yes and i hope they come out with music video soon! :) 


Everything Love

Okay so when i move to  California in for june, sadly i have to leave my Vinyls and record player behind because i can’t take on plane with me and also i still don’t have my own place yet. Right now i’m still stay with my friend but i just get a job and will start look for place to live. Anyway he tell me that cool to send my record player here! So i tell my mom that and she will mail out to me soon. Then she ask me to write list for all records that i had.  So here it is! I’m super proud of collection! what do you guys think?  

  1. The Beatles-White Album 
  2. The Beatles-Help!      
  3. The Beatles Rubber Soul 
  4. The Beatles- At the Hollywood Bowl  
  5. John Lennon- Double Fantasy 
  6. George Harrison-All thing must pass 
  7. George Harrison-Cloud Nine 
  8. George Harrison-Thirty three & 1/3
  9. Traveling Wilburys
  10. Paul MacCarteny-Tug of war 
  11. Paul MacCarteny-Press to play 
  12. Paul MaCarteny- Maybe I’m amazed 
  13. Wings-Wings Over American 
  14. Fleetwood Mac- rumors
  15. Johnny Cash- live at san quentin
  16. Tom Petty and the heartbreakers- First album( self title album)
  17. Tom Petty and the heartbreakers- you’re gonna get it 
  18. Tom Petty and the heartbreakers-Damn the Torpedoes 
  19. Tom Petty and the heartbreakers-Hard promises 
  20. Tom Petty and the heartbreakers-Long after dark 
  21. Tom Petty and the heartbreakers-Southern Accents 
  22. Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick road
  23. Elton John-Emptry Sky 
  24. Elton John-Don’t shoot me i’m only the piano player 
  25. Queen-News of the world 
  26. Hall & Oates-Voices 
  27. Hall & Oates-Bigger Than Both of us 
  28. Hall & Oates-Livetime 
  29. Lionel Richie-Can’t slow down 
  30. Ella Fitzgerland- “ Sings the Irving Berlin song book 
  31. The Best Of The Mamas and The Papas 
  32. Vampire Weekend-Modern Vampires Of The City 
  33. Arcade Fire-Funeral 
  34. The White Stripes-self title 
  35. Joy Division-Love will tear us apart 
  36. Mumford &Sons-Live form Ball moose 
  37. Local Natives-Hummingbird 
  38. The Zombies-I love you 
  39. Kaiser Chiefs-Education, Education, Education & War
  40. Jake Bugg-At sliver platters 
  41. Broken Bells- Holding on for life 
  42. Oasis - Supersonic
  43. Ramones- Meltdown with Ramones 
  44. Haim-Forever 
  45. Arctic Monkeys-Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
  46. Arctic Monkeys-Favourite Worst Nightmare
  47. Arctic Monkeys-Humbug 
  48. Arctic Monkeys- Suck It and See 
  49. Arctic Monkeys- AM
  50. David Bowie-At The Tower Philadelphia 
  51. The Black Keys-The Big Come Up 
  52. The Black Keys- Thickfreakness
  53. The Black Keys- Rubber Factory 
  54. The Black Keys -Magic Potion 
  55. The Black Keys- Attack & Release
  56. The Black Keys- El Camino (Special Edition)
  57. The Black Keys- Turn Blue 
  58. Dan Auerbach- Keep It Hid 

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